Are your current skills holding you back?

"I was focused on learning Rails, but when I tried to do anything outside of Rails I realized that I still need to learn a TON of Ruby..."

If you have learned Rails before Ruby (like many other developers) or if you just learned a little bit of Ruby & never went back to revisit your Ruby skills...

... Then you may have left HUGE gaps in your education!

Would you like to fix that problem now & get all the respect and success that you deserve?

I created my new Ruby course, Ruby Deep Dive, to help you with that.

This course is specifically designed to fill in these gaps and make you a more competent, effective & confident Ruby programmer.

This is what you will learn...

And a lot more!

"Is this course right for me?"

If you are a complete beginner you will not be able to get 100% out of this course.

But if you understand the basics of Ruby & OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) then this is perfect for you. The course is designed to help you become a kick-ass Ruby developer!

“I've been reading Ruby Deep Dive as I have time and finding it to be SUPER helpful. It's exactly the 'next step' I needed after doing all the beginner tutorials. Thanks for writing it!!! :)“